Lighting Navigator

The featherlight hardware design of the Lighting Navigator makes it highly compact and portable, while a patented optical spectrum engine provides precise and reliable readings — and each Lighting Navigator is NIST traceable.

Main Functions
  • Filter
  • The Filter function comes pre-loaded with a suite of commonly-used international lighting standards which enable users to easily determine the suitability and safety of lighting conditions as well as specify custom user parameters.
  • Measurement
  • The Measurement function allows users to quickly obtain CCT, CRI, illuminance, and spectrum data and assess whether a light source meets specified standards based on the user’s selected Filter.
  • Comparison
  • The Comparison function allows users to efficiently compare two datasets collected using the Measurement function, including a graph comparison for spectrum readings, CCT, CRI, and illuminance values. With the Comparison function, users can easily showcase differences between various products to customers, purchasers, and interior designers anywhere, anytime.

Product Lighting Navigator
Size Width︰63.1 mm Depth︰17.5 mm Height︰63.1 mm
Net Weight 92 g ± 1 g (with stand)
Wavelength Range 380 ~ 780 nm
Illuminance Range Measurable:︰5 ~ 50,000 lux
Optical Resolution (FWHM) 10 nm
Accuracy (@ 1,000 lux Standard Light Source) CCT:± 3.5 % Illuminance:± 5 %
Integration Time 6 ms ~ 16 s
Operating Temperature/ Humidity Range 0 ~ 35 °C, relative humidity under 80 % with no condensation
Storage Temperature/ Humidity Range -10 ~ 45 °C, relative humidity of 85 % or less (@ 35 °C) with no condensation