Company Introduction

Founded in 2003, ASYS has been dedicated to providing instrument agency services for semiconductor technology factories and developing services such as facility system integration engineering. With years of technical accumulation, we have also successfully developed proprietary products, including yield improvement equipment and industrial IoT-related sensors. Additionally, we have diversified our business horizons, actively strengthening product portfolios and expanding the application areas of existing products. This has led to the creation of more core business projects, encompassing smart factories, electromechanical engineering, green energy construction, and the establishment of a presence in carbon management and ESG sustainable development industries. Our commitment to innovation drives us toward a multi-faceted development approach.

Comprised of a team of experts from research institutions and academia, ASYS is not only capable of staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, but also of flexibly responding to market changes to seize opportunities. Our in-house technical service colleagues have all undergone rigorous original factory training and certification, enabling them to deliver superior quality service to clients. We look forward to collaboratively creating mutually beneficial and profitable partnerships with our clients.

Guided by the principles of "Quality," "Proactivity," and "Service," ASYS provides immediate and considerate customized services. Our focus extends beyond problem-solving; we pay attention to every detail and are dedicated to ensuring that clients experience our dedication and professionalism. Our aim is to make ASYS a high-quality partner for our clients.

History of Developing Road-Map


ASYS Technology was established in August 2003. In the early days, it mainly focused on the development of instrument sales. From 2006 to 2008, the operation expanded to the mainland and developed in the direction of system integration.


Joined the development of the Internet of Things in 2012~2013 and is committed to integration with Industry 4.0. In 2016, we obtained TAF certification to provide customers with better service guarantee.

The philosophy of sustainable management.

ASYS is dedicated to excellence in service quality, with all employees working together to offer trusted products and services to customers. Upholding the principles of "quality," "positivity," and "service," we strive to create value and happiness for shareholders, customers, employees, partners, and society.


A commitment to sustainable development.

ASYS has officially launched its sustainable development program. As a responsible enterprise, it is our duty and obligation to contribute to the sustainable development of the environment, society, and economy. We pledge to actively promote the balanced development of environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic growth through innovation and practice, thereby creating greater value for the future.


Vision and Mission

Through innovation and practice, we will drive positive change to achieve sustainable goals, dedicating ourselves to the balanced realization of environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic growth. We aim to create a brighter future for our employees, their families, our customers, and stakeholders. We believe that long-term prosperity and progress can only be achieved on the foundation of sustainable development.
We will continue to explore and apply advanced technologies, actively participate in social welfare activities, and strive to enhance our environmental management standards.


Specific Action Plan

Implement ISO 50001 Energy Management System: Enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.
TTQS Bronze Award: Achieve excellence in talent development and quality management.
Energy Efficiency Improvement: Assess and optimize energy use, promoting renewable energy.
Carbon Emission Reduction: Establish and implement emission reduction targets.
Resource Management: Promote resource conservation and recycling.
Social Responsibility: Participate in and support charitable activities.
Employee Education: Provide sustainable development training to raise awareness and capabilities.


Join Hands to Create the Future

We believe that every small action can accumulate into significant change. We sincerely invite you to join us in our collective efforts for our planet and future. We look forward to collaborating with all stakeholders to achieve this important goal.