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"ASYS Smart Lighting provides power-line smart light control, passive intelligent dimming system, and intelligent lighting measurement products.
gridComm intelligent street light management system is an efficient cloud server browser platform for remote monitoring, control and management of street lights.
ASYS manufactured Synet products a passive wireless intelligent switching system can be equipped with lighting controllers according to environmental requirements. An APP for remote control adjusts brightness, switching and other parameters to create a more comfortable living and working space.
AsenseTek's spectrometer provides the best experience in all aspects of light color measurement. The Lighting Passport model is supported by a wide range of Android, iOS and PC APPS for LED manufacturers, lighting design, lighting practitioners, plant factories, transmittance measurement and the film and television industry.

In the transformation of traditional lighting into smart lighting, ASYS Technology continues to strive to develop applications in various fields to provide customers with the most innovative solutions. Lighting systems have become smarter and more human centric. ASYS lighting technology has won the recognition and trust of manufacturers everywhere."

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