Chemical and water treatment related instruments

ASYS Corporation is deeply involved in the field of chemical concentration monitoring and water quality instrumentation, being regarded as a strong industry partner. In recent years, we have developed a range of online products for customers with particular application needs.
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A single-point , multiple-component monitoring alert system
A single-point, multiple-component, monitoring system that alerts.
A cost effective (i.e. l ...


A single-point , multiple-component monitoring alert system
Optimize bath life of Wet Process
Cost effective for multiple tools and multiple bath compo ...


Online UV-analyzer
Real-time Chemical concentration monitoring
For wet process analyzer of FPD and Semi indust ...


edge® blu Bluetooth® Smart pH Electrode and Meter
Bluetooth Digital pH Electrodes
Up to Five-Point pH Calibration ...

HANNA HI5221/ HI5222

Laboratory Research Grade Benchtop pH/mV Meter with 0.001 pH Resolution
Available for calibrating up to five points
CAL Check™alerts users to potential problems du ...


Portable pH/mV Meter
Compact waterproof design
Automatic Calibration ...

HANNA HI98190/HI98191

Professional Waterproof Portable pH/ORP Meter
Ergonomic, rugged, waterproof (IP67) design
pH CAL Check™ ...

HANNA HI98120/ HI98121

pH/ORP/Temperature Combo Tester
Replaceable ORP Electrode ...

HANNA HI98127/ HI98128

pH/Temperature Tester with 0.1 /0.01 pH Resolution
Designed to float if accidentally dropped in a tank
Automatic Temperature Compensation ...


GroLine Waterproof Hydroponic pH Tester
Two-Button Operation
Accuracy: +/-0.2 ...