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gridComm power line smart light control

The early stage of gridComm represented Semitech chip company and provides the ability to communicate over the grid, connecting power companies to consumers.
Founded in September 2012, funded by the Singapore Government (National Research Foundation and Standards, Productivity and Innovation Committee) gridComm created hardware modules and autoatic adaption control software for communication to monitor power facilities such as smart power meters. They provides a complete solution and system to monitor, regulate and control the power usage of the entire grid. This technology is majorly used in their Street lighting management systems and hardware.
The gridComm uses 18 separate power-line frequency channels and a set of long distance RF channels. Should interference occurs on specific channels, the gridComm system automatically selects other channels for data transmission. This is why gridComm can work in more demanding environments and form the backbone of a powerful and reliable communication network for industrial automation, providing customers with a complete power-line control solution.

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