Online UV-analyzer

  • Real-time Chemical concentration monitoring
  • For wet process analyzer of FPD and Semi industry
  • Ultraviolet spectrometer
  • Non-intrusive optical system for chemical concentration monitoring
  • Automated control systems or combine with other concentration meters
  • Maintain the stability of the manufacturing process
  • Increase production
  • Control chemical supply to reduce costs
  • Reduce hidden time costs
  • ASYS-Microspectrometer, 380~1100nm
  • Light Source- Halogen
  • Optical Fiber-600 μm˚~20m
  • VIS Collimating Lens- 380~1100nm
  • Flow Cell 10 mm
  • Date Processing - TPC 651T,5.7"VGA Touch Panel
  • Instrument Cabinet 177˚-431˚-360 mm