System integration engineering

Introduction to system integration engineering

Trusted supplier

"The ASYS System Integration Division was established in 2006. The projects currently underway include Facility Monitoring Control Systems, Bio-phama facility validation, electromechanical engineering, smart buildings, environmental protection facilities and continuous monitoring of waste water. Professional, enthusiastic and customer-oriented, the ASYS System Integration team has many years of experience in systems engineering and has been a partner of domestic large-scale engineering companies including UIS, L&K Engineering and Acter. With the successful completion of these projects, ASYS became the designated supplier for subsequent maintenance and expansion projects.
The system integration business division of the company is comprised of the System Integration Department and the Mechatronics Engineering Department. The team members come from large domestic engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, semiconductor and optoelectronic facilities with at least 15 years of relevant work experience. Whether in engineering practice management or design, they are well-known engineers in the industry."