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Mobile cleaning equipment
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Floor-KOACH  KOACH Ez-F潔淨化設備


Desktop cleaning equipment

Is the budget limited?
Do you need to work in an environment with a clean room rating in an open environment?
In order to do a research, experiment, packaging into and out of the clean room, dust-free clothing to wear and take off time?

KOACH mobile simple clean room equipment allows you to work in a clean room environment in an open environment (free of dust-free clothes)
The device can also be moved, expanded and reduced at will!
Blowing opening specifications:
  • W1050mm x H850mm (one unit)
  • Clean space: less than 20m (3 layers x 7 columns) (opening / collision wall distance)
  • Power supply: 3 to 200V 50Hz/60Hz Cleanliness: ISO-CLASS1/0.1μm (10/m3)
  • Full ventilation time: 520 seconds (3 layers x 7 columns)
  • Set the wind speed: 0.3m/sec
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