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Mobile cleaning equipment
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桌上型潔淨化設備 koach T 500-F (FERENA搭載)

koach T 500-F (FERENA)

Desktop cleaning equipment

Can also have a clean room-grade environment in an open environment
It can be easily handled and set in a small size on the desktop.
The research room and the testing agency unit have a lot of results.
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No need to touch the factory, only set the clean machine low cost
- Any job can be done in an open environment
- Save electricity
- Can move, expand, shrink, and change LAYOUT
- Non-large machine is quite lightweight and shockproof
- Equipment installation time is very short
Blowing opening specifications:
  • W494mm x H603mm clean space W494mm x H603mm clean space
  • Within 700mm*1 (distance between open faces)
  • Power supply: single 100V 50Hz/60Hz stable power consumption
  • ※2.70~220/set (35~100w x 2 units)

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