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TUG intelligent handling robot


TUG intelligent handling robot

Factory Large and small equipment transportation, high-value product transportation, fixed-point environmental patrol services, segregation of waste transportation.

Hotel lobby reception and location guidance service, luggage transport service, kitchen, room catering delivery service, room change linen, clothes transport, carton, garbage, waste transportation.

Warehousing Large shelf transport, small shelf transport, shipping product to packaging area.

Integration: Enterprise Management System (ERP)"
Consolidation: Warehouse Management System (WMS)"
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Datasheet - TUG T3 (398 KB)
Datasheet - TUG T3XL (378 KB)
Easy to deploy, no need for track magnetic strip, no need to damage the infrastructure.
TUG can work normally under complicated environment.
Accurate avoidance of obstacles, high security mechanism via password or fingerprint recognition
WEB remote control
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