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Asensetek smart lighting measurement

Lighting Passport Pro

Lighting Passport Pro Features

Lighting Passport Pro is not only the “World’s First Smart Spectrometer” with powerful capabilities, but now it also integrates 6 whole new features, including Flicker measurability and is ready to blow your mind!

■ State-of-the-art MEMS technology that integrates Flicker measurability.
■ Conformance to U.S. IES / ASSIST / Energy Star / etc… standards.
■ A variety of APPs for all lighting applications.
■ Accurate presentation on lights and colors of all kinds.
■ Instant and transboundary communication.

Flicker Sensor (+- 5% accuracy)

■ Flicker Frequency (5 – 200Hz)
■ Flicker Percentage
■ Flicker Index

PC Control

■ Users can use a PC (Supports Windows system now) to control Lighting Passport Pro series and take measurement.
Precision Mode

■ Enhance measurement repeatability. (For Lighting Passport Pro ONLY.)
Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor (Comply to our operating environments.)

■ Automatically record the Temperature and Relative Humidity of the environment where the measurements are taken.
Enhanced Battery Duration

■ Now, with battery fully charged, users NOW get an extra 20% power capacity.
Social Media Integration

■ Users can share measurement data via social media including Instant Messengers like: WeChat / Twitter / Line / Facebook / Messenger / Whatsapp / SMS / Others

APP Control System, Your One-for-all Choice.

With the APP control system, Lighting Passport Pro can be applied to various of lighting industries,currently Lighting Passport Pro has 5 APPs available, providing users different features. When new standards and parameters releasing in to the market in the future, you don’t have to send your device back to us for software or firmware upgrade, just simply update your APP and you’re set to go.

Lighting Design and Planning: Designers can measure the uniformity of the overall lighting design, and compare the difference between “before and after”.
■ APP Introduction
■ APP Download Link: AppStore, GooglePlay

Lighting Fixtures – Quality Control: Manufacturers can simultaneously measure the information of multiple light fixtures, and do the quality control according to the their own requirements.
■ APP Introduction
■ APP Download Link: AppStore, GooglePlay

Studio Lighting and Stage Lighting: Gaffers can quickly predict the color shift of studio light on the screen provide adjustment information, and get filter – selecting suggestions.
■ APP Introduction
■ APP Download Link: AppStore, GooglePlay

Home Gardening and Plant Factory: User can easily check the suitability of the light source for their targeted plants, then record the growing changes.
■ APP Introduction
■ APP Download Link: AppStore, GooglePlay

Harmful Light Prevention: User can get the transmittance rate at every 5 nm and further compare the results at various tested objects.
■ APP Introduction
■ APP Download Link: AppStore, GooglePlay