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Light Cube System

Experience the NEW era of SMART lighting

The World’s First Spectrum Tunable Smart Lighting System.

Light Cube is a powerful Lighting Simulation System which includes a “Spectral Power Distribution Simulator—Light Cube,” a “SMART Spectrometer—Lighting Passport Pro,” and a multi-functional software “SMART Tunable Software—Spectrum Genius Light Cube.” With the help of this powerful system, users get to control not only the color and lightness of the light source, but also intelligently customize the CCT, CRI, Duv, illuminance, Spectrum, PPFD, and TM-30 Rf/Rg by accurately entering the target values or easily dragging the control bars.

“Light Cube” is the perfect system for researches of all kinds, allowing users to save the money, cut down the maintenance, and increase the efficacy and chance of success in their studies.

Note:Patents pending and granted in several countries.
■ “SMART Spectrometer—Lighting Passport Pro”
Lighting Passport in this SPD Simulation System, plays the core role of a sensing device that swiftly and precisely collects all measured parameters and further feeds the data back to Light Cube for processing and generating the best simulation results. More, environmental influence is also measured and compensated.
■ “Spectral Power Distribution Simulator—Light Cube”
Through accurate communication and control of “Spectrum Genius Light Cube” software, the system can effortlessly simulate the SPD of any light sources, including LED and other traditional lights. The spectral inputs can either come from direct data input into the software, or spectral parameters collected from the Lighting Passport Pro.
■ “SMART Tunable Software—Spectrum Genius Light Cube”
“Spectrum Genius Light Cube” is a state-of-the-art software that seamlessly connect the Lighting Passport with the Light Cube, enabling the users to conduct detailed control settings over CCT, CRI, TM-30, PPFD etc… and further manipulate their customized spectrums.

Do you often encounter the following problems when you are selecting the lamps or conducting research on lighting?
  1. Always spending too much time searching the most appropriate light sources.
  2. Need to buy lots of lamps to test the best visual effects of the commodities.
  3. Cannot reproduce the desirable light sources.
Light Cube cures every problem for you.

Light Cube can help you……
  1. Shorten the time for research and development
    Light Cube can simulate all types of light sources (such as Plant Lighting, Film & Television Lighting, Human Centric Lighting, Commercial Lighting, etc.) for and under different conditions. Light Cube provides an instinctive control interface for you to quickly get the desirable light sources and greatly reduce the time for research and development.
  2. Lower the costs of buying lamps
    You no longer need to buy lamps to get light sources with overlapped functions. Light Cube can help you adjust lighting parameters in an easy and professional way. Light Cube can reflect all types of light sources for and under different conditions, so that you can find the most desirable light sources for yourself.
  3. Reproduce your desirable light sources
    First, you need to use Lighting Passport Pro to get and return the lighting parameters to Light Cube. The light sources can be reproduced within 3 seconds. You also enjoy the Hawaiian sunlight in Taiwan.
Applicable to All Types of Research Fields, Reducing the Time for Research and Development
Light Cube can quickly simulate all types of light sources for and under different conditions, so that you can evaluate, select, compare, and screen all types of light sources to get the most desirable ones. Light Cube indeed increases the efficiency of research and development and spare the costs of buying lots of lamps for research at the very beginning.
The Full Spectrum Generator – Light Cube combined with The Smart Spectrometer – Lighting Passport Pro and the Intelligent Lighting Control Software – SPECTRUM GENIUS Light Cube can simultaneously compare and match all of the data pertaining to light sources and write back or control the presentations of light sources, thereby significantly reducing the time for research and development.

Light Cube can be the best choice for you to conduct the following research – Dimmable Lighting Research
– Black-body Radiation Simulation
– Lighting Research
– Grow Light Research
– Human Centric Research
– Studio Lighting Research
– Fashion Industry Research

Light Cube Specifications
Size & Net Weight 300 × 300 × 200 mm,7 kg
Wavelength Range 380-780 nm
Tunable Channel 11
Channel Resolution 10 位 (1024 級亮度可調)
Lifetime >10,000 hours
Smart Tuning Range CCT:2,000~10,000K
CRI (Ra):60~100
Duv:- 0.05 ~ +0.05
CQS:60 ~ 100
TLCI(Qa):60 ~ 100
TM-30-Rf:50 ~ 100
TM-30-Rg:60 ~ 140
Max Flux and Illuminance 6,500K: 1700lm, 1 meter: 850lux
5,000K: 2400lm, 1 meter: 1250lux
Short-term stability 6,500K<±5K
Long-term stability 6,500K<±15K
Electrical 110/230V, 50/60Hz, 150W Maximun
Connection USB Cable, Wireless Control (Option)
Operating Temperature/ Humidity Range 0 ~ 35 °C, relative humidity under 80 % with no condensation
Storage Temperature/ Humidity Range -10 ~ 45 °C, relative humidity of 85 % or less (@ 35 °C) with no condensation
Scope of Delivery Light Cube, Power Cord, USB Cable
* Smart Tuning Mode uses our own patented technology and algorithm to find out the optimal solution.
Safety/Quality Approvals
Software Spectrum Genius Light Cube
Tunable Items CCT
TM-30 Rf
TM-30 Rg
Key Features Light Library Establishment
Data Storage
Data Import