AC curtain controller

"Synet GC01 surpasses the green intelligent building wireless standard light control new weapon! No additional control line, low cost, undisturbed, high reliability light control system. Use remote wireless [mechanical energy automatic acquisition, no battery] intelligent switch.

Suitable for new or existing indoor lighting control projects, easy to install - easy to set up maintenance and not bother"
  • Using EnOcean International Wireless Standard
  • Support passive wireless switch to control curtain opening and closing
  • Matching curtain motor for AC control on the market
  • Input: 85~265VAC, 50~60Hz
  • Output channel: 1 loop
  • Control method: AC
  • Realize the function: AC control curtain motor opening and closing
  • Maximum load power: 1/5HP@220VAC AC motor
  • Switching times: min 100,000 times
  • Maximum AC output current: 2A