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ASYS offers Synet-passive wireless light control.

Secondary circuit lighting controller

"Synet GC01 surpasses the green intelligent building wireless standard light control new weapon! No additional control line, low cost, undisturbed, high reliability light control system. Use remote wireless [mechanical energy automatic acquisition, no battery] intelligent switch.

Suitable for new or existing indoor lighting control projects, easy to install - easy to set up maintenance and not bother"
GC01-M2 Controller Datasheet (1.2 MB)
GC01-Genius Controller Brochure (3.8 MB)
  • 2-circuit AC output
  • 2-loop 1-10V dimming signal output
  • Can be directly matched with EnOcean passive wireless switch, Wireless PIR Mobile Sensor
  • Operating voltage: 110 ~ 240VAC
  • Frequency range: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
  • Number of switching lamp circuits: 2 circuits
  • Number of dimming signal loops: 2 loops (requires 2 sets of switch light loops)
  • Single loop output voltage: 110 ~ 240VAC
  • Single loop maximum load: 10A
  • Dimming control: DC 1 - 10V
  • Working environment: indoor
  • Working temperature: -20 ~ +55 °C
  • Operating humidity: 20% ~ 80% RH
  • Barrier-free communication distance: 80 meters
  • Indoor communication distance: 20 meters
  • Warranty: 2 years

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