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gridComm power line smart light control

Intelligent street light management software

Intelligent street light management software gridComm Street Light Control Configuration Software (SLMS) is the brain of the infrastructure, it provides a platform that can easily present important information of street lights, such as operating status (on, off, dimming level, fault alarm), Power consumption (such as KWh, voltage and current) and its position on the GPS map. In addition, it allows users to set thresholds, alerts, and schedule parameters based on time of day, season, and weather conditions. The gridComm streetlight control configuration software runs in a cloud environment that is easily accessible from any PC terminal or tablet.
  • Perform real-time single lamp or lamp zone control such as on, off, dimming and other tasks.
  • Manage and report acquisition data for power consumption and operational status.
  • Hardware system based on GC2200 for reliable communication over up to 18 OFDM channels
  • The light zone group, the dimming parameter table and the regional dimming arrangement are arranged for the street light digital power source controlled by the street lamp master concentrator.
  • Make settings for access to the street light master concentrator. Individual inputs can be set to level or edge triggered and passed independent or Combinatorial logic and other inputs for conditional scheduling
  • Use timing brightening to save power and help reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Efficient remote monitoring system effectively eliminates maintenance workers from on-site inspection of fault lights

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