A single-point , multiple-component monitoring alert system

  • Optimize bath life of Wet Process
  • Cost effective for multiple tools and multiple bath compositions
  • A completely non-intrusive sampling design
  • No sample preparation
  • Higher analytical precision(Stability/Repeatability)
  • Suitable for chemical concentration measurement:Etching solution、RCA cleaning solution、PR stripper…etc.
  • Real-time and drift-free monitoring(30s of analysis data)
  • Complete communication function(Modbus、OPC、Chemopen)
  • Up to eight baths
  • Dimension:W: 17 in. D: 16 in. H: 7 in. (44 cm 41.5 cm 17.5 cm)
  • Weight:42 lb. (19 kg)
  • Market application: Semi industry、LCD i ndustry、Solar industry、LED industry、Circuit board / copper foil industry、Traditional industry、Seawater desalination industry.