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Surface particles
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QIII Probes Surface Particle Detection (SPD)

QIII Probes

Surface Particle Detection (SPD)

"ŸŸŸžžžžŸŸŸŸžžž• 1/2"" Probe:
Most Versatile.
Part Number: 4400141
Applications: Process chamber walls, kit parts, robot arms, slit valve openings, ESC edges, bellows, and tight spaces.

• 2"" Probe:
Part Number: 4400140
Applications: Process chamber walls and floors, large kit part surfaces, cleanroom surfaces, work areas.

• 3"" Probe:
Part Number: 4400706
Applications: Large areas, walls, work surfaces, FPD applications, 300mm process chambers and parts.

•2"" & 3"" Probe:
90° Angle.
Part Number: 4400242 & 4400708
Applications: Large areas at 90° from hand position, hard to reach areas.

•Pencil Probe:
Part Number: 4400716
Applications: Static readings of cavities, screw and bolt holes, hard to reach areas, roughing lines, small ports, any orifice larger than 5/8"" (.625).

•Injector Tube Probe:
Part Number: 4401501
Applications: Specifically designed for the interior of gas injection tubes, and small gas lines, and any orifice larger than 3/10"" (.30).

•Cassette Probes:
Part Number:
65mm = 4400712
150mm = 4400515
200mm = 4401480
Applications: Designed for 64mm (hard disk), 150mm, and 200mm wafer cassettes.

•Novellus Injector Tube Probe:
Part Number: 4401514
Applications: Specifically designed for the single Novellus top gas injector.
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