Original authorization certificate
Third party notarization verification
Clean room environment test
1. Provide third-party notarization certification
2. The company's laboratories have professional and technical personnel to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the instruments used.
PAO test
Used for HVAC qualification in Pharmaceuticals
The PAO test ASYS validation team provides could certify the HEPA filter is fully functioning and there is no leakage or damage. 
IAQ test
help you breathe easier and healthier
We own a RESET™ certified professionals who can lead, consult, or audit a RESET™ project. We provide not only testing but also BUILDING STANDARD and certification program.
Nanoparticle distribution test
1. The comprehensive and high resolution particle count/particle size analyzer
2. Accurate analysis of particle size distribution, as well as analysis of absolute volume, absolute quantity, particle count and concentration of trace particles
In addition to providing correction of instrument accuracy, ASYS Technology also provides protection check and maintenance of various parts of the instrument, and provides professional use recommendations to reduce the risk caused by future customer measurement errors. , to provide a reliable test report for the customer service group.

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