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2017Taiwan Biotechnology Exhibition Exhibition
Booth NO:N1317

"2017 Taiwan Biotechnology Exhibition 6/29-7/2 Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F
The series of production and research circles, from gene cell research, new drug development, raw materials, terminal applications, access to international investment cooperation, a large cross-border platform for the entire industry chain!
ASYS Technology is a professional instrument manufacturer that complies with the PICS/GMP&PICS/GDP regulations and FDA 21 CFR Part II, and complies with the USP particulate matter standard USP788.
The equipment we provide from the raw materials into the R&D department for material particle size analysis, the A-level production and filling process in the continuous particle monitoring system, and the quality control personnel at all levels of the quality control changes and factory environmental assessment and product delivery Temperature monitoring in the process, complete one-stop service from construction to manufacturing and transportation and sales
ASYS Technology has been awarded the TAF ISO 17025 certification, which is equivalent to the recognition of the national affirmation and the 94 major economies in the world. It proves the professional technical ability of ASYS Technology. ASYS Technology can provide the most appropriate inspection methods and perfect inspections for the electronics and pharmaceutical industries. Facilities and standards, sophisticated inspection equipment for complete calibration services. Ensure the effectiveness of the inspection process and provide reliable inspection reports to all customers to enhance their competitiveness."

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